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top 10 actorsWelcome to Film Actors the 2008 To 2009 Top 10 Richest Actors List
Top 10 Richest Film Actor - Number 1#1
Film Actor Will Smith had eight straight movies eclipse $100 million at the box office. You know - with those kind of numbers it is understandable that he made an estimated $80 million dollars. That works out to about 40,000 an hour. How many hours you would have to work if you only made $15 an hour? It would only take you 2,666 years to make that much money. I am pretty sure he gets a lot of free drinks when he goes out too.
Top 10 Richest Film Actors - Number 2#2
Film Actor Johnny DeppTough life – good looking and rich. He made $72 million dollars. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has made 2.76 billion…so $72 million dollars, well, that is chump change. Johnny could buy 1.44 billion five cent candies with that money. Just think of how many cavities he could provide to children all over the world?
Top 10 Richest Film Actor - Number 3 -
Film Actor TieEddie Murphy55 Million dollars. Damn that is a big pile of money too. Can you imagine if it was delivered to you every year in cash, how much room that would take up? According to the US treasury – that would be a bout 1210 pounds of hundred dollar bills.
Top 10 Richest Film Actor - Number 4
Film Actor TieMike MyersThis former office supervisor for an insurance company is tied for third place with Eddie Murphy also made $55 million. Yes $55 Million; or another way of looking at it is 550,000 One hundred dollar bills. If Mike gave away a hundred dollar bill every minute that he was awake, for an entire year - at the end of the year you would still have 199,600 hundred dollar bills left over or 19.96 million.
Top 10 Richest Film Actors - Number 5
Film Actor Leonardo DicaprioComing in at number five with $45 million dollars. Yowsa
that is still a lot of coin.
Top 10 Richest Film Actor - Number 6
Film Actor Bruce Willis He was discovered while he was working as a waiter in NYC. Coming in at a respectable $41 million. He would have to serve 4.1 million tables that all gave at least a ten dollar tip to make that happen as a waiter.
Top 10 Richest Film Actor - Number 7
Film Actor Ben Stiller $40 million. In other words he could take over 500,000 people to Disneyland.
Top 10 Richest Film Actor - Number 8
Film Actor Nicolas Cage $38 million. Not nearly as impressive as Ben Stiller – I mean he is still able to buy dinner out on the town every once in a while.
Top 10 Richest Film Actor - Number 9
Film Actor Will Ferrell $31 million. This really isn’t that much money – because at $15 an hour it would take way less time to get 31 million together.
It would only take you 1033 years to build up a booty like that.
Top 10 Richest Film Actor - Number 10
Film Actor Adam Sandler Obviously he is the loser of this top ten list. With only $30 million – I mean really. One way to make this money seem like more than it is would be to get it all in quarters. It would be 3 million rolls of quarters at a stunning weight of 1.5 million pounds. That is 750 tons or the same weight as three 747 airplanes. When you need to make a phone call
Adam is the best guy to get some change from.
Name of Earning/year
Will Smith : $80 million. Johnny Depp : $72 million. Eddie Murphy : $55 million. Mike Myers : $55 million. Leonardo DiCaprio : $45 million. Bruce Willis : $41 million. Ben Stiller : $40 million. Nicolas Cage : $38 million. Will Ferrell : $31 million Adam Sandler : $30 million
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